An excellent naturalist

An excellent naturalist.

Set up as in the previous game. The beginner mentions the name of some bird, for example: pheasant. The neighbor on the right must quickly name another bird that begins with the last letter of the previously mentioned word, so in our case it can say: he twitched. And the next: nightjar - canary - cormorant - diver – rudzik – kos – and so on. Player, who can't name another one, gives the contraption and now he starts playing again.

This one is a great naturalist, who didn't give a single piece, or gave the least.

We can play the same way, during which we select the best geographer from among the participants. Instead of the names of birds, the participants of the game will exchange the names of cities, for example: Cracow – Warsaw – Amsterdam – Makow - Walbrzych – Chorzow etc.

This game is also perfect for just two partners.

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