Weekend family fun

Weekend family fun.

When we find ourselves on a weekend in a larger company, for example, with other family friends or friends of our growing children, we can offer some of the games listed below. The most pleasant atmosphere will be created then, when everyone will participate – and children, and adults. The children will be happy and proud, that they are taken seriously, as equal partners, and adults participating in games will allow for full mental relaxation, which is, after all, an indispensable condition for a good rest.

The smartest to start with.

The players prepare small boards for themselves and put a few small items on them, for example: ball, cones, pebble, matchbox. At the signal, they pick up the plank and, holding it above their head, they march to the halfway point distant by 10 m, they put the board on the ground, and then they grab her like this, to be between her legs apart, and return to the start-finish line. If while walking, one of the items will fall off the board, the contestant is disqualified. On a very warm summer day, water dishes can be placed on the boards.


There are two players in this game. Each of them has a sword one meter long, it can be a simple stick or a slat. Competitors stand in front of circles of diameter drawn on the ground 1 metra (distance between one wheel and another 20 cm). There are discs of wood in the wheels (it can also be a round box). Each player defends the puck in his own circle, he tries at the same time to knock the puck out of his opponent's circle with his sword. Attention: Swordsmen stand still. You must not change your position, stand on the side of the wheel. The duel lasts up to three times. If one of the players manages to knock the puck out of the opponent's circle twice in a row, we declare him the winner and stop the tournament.

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