Goalkeeper training

Goalkeeper training.

It is great fun for future goalkeepers of handball teams, football, and even hockey.

On the wall or on the fence, draw two circles with a radius with chalk 60 cm. The center of the circle should be at a distance 125 cm from the ground. The distance between the centers of both wheels should be 300 cm. The goalkeeper stands between the wheels. In front of him, at a distance of about 5-7 m there is a group of shooters. They pass the ball to each other, and at the most favorable moment, one of them aims at any circle. Of course, the goalkeeper doesn't know, when and in what direction the shot will be fired, so he is constantly on the alert and trying to catch the ball. If he fails, gives way to the shooter, who gave him a goal.

Fun is the best, when there are no more shooters than 4-6.

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