Treasure Keeper

Treasure Keeper.

We tie a 3- or 4-meter-long string to the trunk of an old tree and use it to mark a clear circle of cones. Participants of the game take any place outside the circle. Inside the circle we scatter 25 do 30 cones, they will be treasures. One person selected by lot or volunteering – becomes a treasure keeper. She goes inside the circle and grabs the end of the string with her hand. At the agreed signal, the players try to enter the circle and take as many treasures out of it as possible. They are interrupted by a guard. Without letting go of the rope, he chases after the seekers. Ten, .whom it touches, must leave the wheel immediately, he can't take out the cone, even if he already held it in his hand. The fun continues 3 do 5 minutes. We interrupt it at the agreed signal and count, how many cones are left in the circle, and how many were taken. We're having fun with this, we're choosing a new guardian. We consider this the best guardian, who managed to save more treasures from being taken.

The string should be tied to the tree quite loosely like this, so that it rotates freely and does not impede the movements of the guard.

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