Ball and word

Ball and word.

Many interesting games can be carried out with the ball. For example: they all form a circle, In the middle, the leader of the game stands and holds the ball in his hands. His task is this, to throw the ball upwards without warning - towards any of the participants - while saying a syllable. Ten, to whom the ball is sent, should grab it and finish the word at the same time.

So the caster speaks: – mar…, and the catcher finishes: – …chewka, pan… tofel, Bra… zilia etc. The teacher will try to come up with difficult initial syllables, so that the catcher cannot finish the word in time, to prevent the game from being too disruptive, we establish: if this one, who caught the ball, won't finish the word, this must be done by the game manager. If he delays, with the answer, gives way to the player, who didn't finish the word.

One by one, the "slowest thinkers" are eliminated from the game, and this one is the winner, who stayed in the circle the longest.

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