Badges and emblems

Badges and emblems.

Children like and value various badges and emblems very much, so it's worth encouraging’ them to earn tourist badges. As young as ten years old, you can apply for the Hiking Badge. It is awarded in four categories. For obtaining at any time 60 points while hiking (one point is awarded for each kilometer traveled) and for visiting points-scoring places (their list can be found in the OTP regulations) the popular Hiking Badge is awarded. Small OTP in the degree of brown, silver and gold can be obtained after earning 100, 250 i 500 points, and silver can be earned in two, and gold - three years. Persistent walkers can apply for a large silver and gold OTP. To get it, you have to travel a long trail 150 the 200 km. The badge "For Perseverance in Hiking" is also awarded.

Bicycle card holders may apply for the Cycling Tourist Badge. It is awarded for completing a certain number of bicycle trips, participation in races, zlotys, camps and other cycling events, and demonstrating theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of sightseeing and cycling tourism.

Very interesting is the three-level National Badge established relatively recently, because only in 1975 r. You can get it from now 12 age. It is acknowledged, who will demonstrate knowledge of various sightseeing objects, natural and cultural monuments, museums, open-air museums, folk art centers,, national memorials, as well as new industrial facilities important for our economy, agricultural, communication, etc.

There are also many interesting regional badges, for example: A lover of the Kampinos Forest, Lover of Roztocze, Tourist of Lower Silesia, The badge of the Rzeszów Land, Lodz Badge of the Participant of Orienteering Events, etc. Earning these badges together with your children contributes to strengthening family bonds.

You can go hiking all year round. Cyclists in winter have to change the type of their interests and switch to hiking, be too – if there is snow - ski. It has become a common belief among us, that skiing can only be practiced in mountain conditions, in the lowlands, this sport is not popular. Meanwhile, very interesting, cross-country skiing in lowland areas is very satisfying. It is worth encouraging children and young people to practice them. They must be shown, the richest possible set of leisure activities, so they can choose these, which will suit them best, bring the greatest joy and satisfaction. Make their free time truly rich.

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